The Studio

The S&C Studio is located in the heart of the Bavarian countryside in Germany near Lake Chiemsee. We offer high-quality recording, mixing, editing, reamping and mastering services for every genre and from simple demo recordings to full-blown albums.

The studio is situated in modern, acoustically optimized rooms with a relaxed atmosphere. State of the art digital and analog recording equipment and the corresponding know-how complete the package.

Chris Schmid (Engineer / Owner):

"I started doing studio work as an autodidact in a very humble rehearsal space out of pure necessity. My band needed demos and since we could not afford a professional studio we tried to do it all by ourselves. I'll spare you the results.

But soon the fascination for the amazing possibilities in music production got me hooked. I spent countless hours at the 'studio' (it was merely a corner of a crowded rehearsal space) nudging microphones centimeter by centimeter to see how the sound would change.

But that was 10 years ago and lot has changed since then. I opened the new S&C Studio in 2011 after some extensive construction work on an old farmhouse. I recorded many EPs and LPs and earned many satisfied (and returning) customers. Still an autodidact, I decided to participate in the HOFA College Pro Audio course to fill some gaps in my knowledge (for example choir or piano recordings) and graduated in 2014. 

My main expertise lies in Rock, Metal, Hardcore and Punk music, but I'm also open to other genres. I love a challenge and won't give up until the desired end product is achieved." 

The Setup

A little summary for the tech nerds:

  • Apple Mac Pro Hexacore Westmere (3,46 GHz, 16 GB RAM) workstation with 37.5" curved ultrawide screen
  • Pro Tools 12 with a variety of great plugins (Sonnox, Waves, Slate Digital, Softube, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Native Instruments...)
  • Euphonix Artist Series control surfaces
  • RME RayDAT PCIe interface
  • SSL Alpha Link Madi AX converters
  • Event Opal studio monitors with Dangerous Source Monitor Controller
  • AKG K-812 Pro Reference Headphones
  • Two eight channel Audient ASP008 preamps
  • API 3124+ mic preamp
  • Brent Averill 11-space 500 series rack with a Heritage 1073/500, two Lindell Audio 6x-500 preamps Elysia Xpressor 500 and Xfilter 500
  • Overstayer FET Compressor
  • EL-8X Distressor
  • Two 1176 compressors
  • A nice selection of microphones from Shure, Neumann, Sennheiser, Rode, Audix, Heil...
  • Guitars: Solar A1.6ET with Evertune bridge, Washburn Parallaxe PXM20EFTBM, Gibson SG, Agile 27" Baritone...
  • Amps: Engl Retro 100, Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier, Peavey 6505, Marshall JCM 900, EVH 5150 III, Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack
  • Cabs: Engl Pro 4x12, Engl Greenback 4x12, Custom Greenback 2x12, Mesa Rectifier Oversized 4x12
  • Various guitar pedals and other tools
  • Drumset: Tama Starclassic Performer B/B 8" / 10" / 12" / 14" / 16" / 22" (can be used for a reasonable fee with fresh heads included)