EP for Voice Of Insanity finished

Last week I finished an 3-track EP for a local band called Voice Of Insanity (Metalcore/Deathcore). We recorded the three songs in a single weekend, which is quite impressive if you acknowlede the technicality of the music.

I did a few things differently this time around. I used a mesh head for the bass drum because I needed a way to edit the drums very quickly. This way I could completely ignore the bass drum while editing all the other tracks. I tended to the bass drum separately later on. Win! Recording everything within this brief time frame would not have been possible without this measure.

We had quite some problems with the guitar recording. The guitars were intonated just fine, but because of the low tuning (drop A) the strings were way too bouncy. The guitarists could minimize this by softening their playing in certain parts a bit, but sadly it's still quite noticable in the final product. I tried Melodyne DNA, but it altered the tone of the DIs in a way I really didn't like. I gave the band some suggestions for heavier string gauges.

The bass recording worked out way better. The bassist used a very nice Ibanez fretless bass, which sounded surprisingly gnarly even without the fret clank of a normal fretted bass.

Vocals were easy. SM 7 B into 1073 into a Distressor worked out perfectly for the singer. He can scream and growl for ages with no apparent wear on his voice. Impressive!

All in all it was a very fun project and I dig the result.

Check out one of the songs here: 

Coming soon: 

  • Progess on the new album of my own band Amplified Hate
  • A second EP I'm working on