New homepage!

Welcome to my nice, clean new homepage. A facebook page alone isn't cutting it anymore, so I decided to fumble this little beauty together. The site navigation explains itself, but still:


A quick introduction to me and my studio with some pretty pictures.


Detailed posts for every project I'm doing at the studio and information about upcoming releases, new sexy gear, techniques and insights. 


Listen to samples of my completed projects. 


You can use this page for hiring me to do your mixing, mastering, editing or reamping jobs. More products soon! Of course you can always shoot me an email to talk about your specific project.


Here you can find information about my dear friends and sponsors and visit their homepages.


If you click this you'll be redirected to my wonderful 1 TB Dropbox, which I love so dearly. It's the fastest way to send me the files you want me to work on.


Write me for a quote, to ask questions, to give criticism or simply to talk audio.


Well that's all there is for now. New content will be added regularly, so be sure to stop by from time to time.