EP for Outset Of Circle finished

I recently did a 3-track EP for Outset Of Circle (Metalcore, Burghausen). They are quite a young band with not a lot studio experience, but they did very well! The songs are diverse and include everything from acoustic guitars with clean vocals to the inevitable breakdown.

Some insight on the recording process:

We tracked the drums with a mesh head on the kickdrum for easy editing. Otherwise regular drum tracking with ORTF overheads and stereo + mono room mics.

For the guitars we used my own Aigle Septor 27" six string baritone guitar tuned to drop C#, so everything was nice and tight with no intonation problems. The bassist plays an awesome Australian fanned fret Dingwall bass, which sounded amazing and was very easy to fit in the mix.

Vocals were again a SM7B into 1073 and a Distressor. A combination that is hard to beat for screamed vocals in my opinion.

The guys proceeded to make a nice "analog lyric video" for lack of a better term, which you can watch below. They included some friends and citizens of their home town Burghausen. Also they managed to involve some refugees, which is a wonderful gesture. The video got them some local press coverage, which is always nice.

In other news the album of my own band Amplified Hate is taking shape. Three weeks ago we recorded some group shouts up until now I prepared the session for mixing. We might do some minor vocal and guitar overdubs, but otherwise everything's pretty much finished. 

The debate around the album artwork and title is concluded, but the result is still top secret ;) We also agreed upon hiring a dedicated (well known) mastering engineer, but more on that later.