Outset of Circle - Fall finished!

Better late than never…

Outset of Circle - Fall Header

I finished this one quite a while ago, but I was insanely busy with other projects. Anyways… A few months ago I did an awesome new album with the Burghausen metalcore band Outset of Circle. I worked with them before a few years ago and I have to say they really, really improved in all areas. Not that their previous stuff was bad, but now their songwriting is on a whole new level. On this one I did everything from start to finish in a tight timeframe. There were quite a few tracks (150+) on almost all of the 12 songs. Aside from all the usual stuff there were acoustic guitars, synthesizers, piano, electronic drums, choir and four different clean singing vocalists with a ton of harmonies. Also the band switched to an in-ear monitoring based live rig at the same time. All the additional tracks had to be ready for their live performances with click tracks plus precounts in the right places.

We used my Tama Starclassic B/B with a Roland Kick Pad for drums and my Solar Guitars A1.6 ET with Evertune Bridge for guitars. The amp was my trusty 5150 III into my Mesa Oversized 4x12 cab. The bass really stood out for me this time. The bassist, Leon, plays an AWESOME Dingwall Combustion 5-string bass. Combined with my Darkglass B7K Ultra and some magic from my Heritage 1073 and Distressor we had a bass tone that could bring houses down right from the beginning. As one would expect, it basically mixed itself. Vocals were SM7B into 1073 and Distressor.

Outset of Circle - Fall Digipack

The release date was set in stone from the beginning, so at least we knew exactly what we were up against. I mixed all of the songs to a pretty advanced state while recording, so everything was basically finished by the time we added the last vocal lines. I took a few days for some mix revisions and mastering, packed it all in a DDP image and off it went to the pressing plant. We even finished everything two days early and the physical copies arrived on time.

All in all it was a stressful, yet very rewarding experience. I'm proud of the end product and it shows once again what you can get done when you work focused and in a structured manner.

Please give the album a listen on Spotify and if you like it, consider buying a physical copy. Revenue is important for the artist and Spotify alone does not cut it by a long shot. You’ll know you did something good by supporting up and coming artists and the nice artwork and packaging is an added bonus for you. Come on, they deserve it!

They also did a cool video with some live footage from their release tour. You can check that out here:


In other news: I’ll record a few EPs with some very cool artist before the year ends. Also I got other exciting studio related news in the making. If you’re an audio nerd you might also be interested in my Pro Tools Expert articles, but more on that soon…