Feeding The Wolves - Shallow EP released

Feeding The Wolves from Innsbruck, Austria recently released their 6-Track-EP "Shallow" which I recorded with and mixed for them. They are playing an awesome Metalcore / Metal blend with a number of different influences. When I listen to the EP some riffs remind me of A Day To Remember, others of Machine Head, which is quite a span. I really like their writing style and they were an absolute joy to work with!


The band wanted to use programmed drums at first, but after the recording of all the other instruments went very smoothly, we decided to record real acoustic drums as well. This was the first time I recorded the drums after everything else, and I really liked the way it worked out! I am hearing from more and more people which like to work this way recently. The current August Burns Red album "Phantom Anthem" was recorded in this order for example. It gives the drummer an entirely different experience than just playing to a click track and maybe a guide guitar. I think since it's so much more fun to play drums to a full song the takes turn out better automatically.

We used my new 5150 III amplifier and Dimi's ESP E-II Horizon with Bareknuckle pickups for all the rhythm guitars. I was astonished how similar the EVH can sound to my 6505 when you're aiming for that specific chugging sound even though it's a completely different circuit design. It sounds just a little bit bigger and cleaner in the low end.

We recorded the bass (Fender Precision, yay!) right into the box. The Vocals were recorded with my trusty SM7b through my Heritage 1073 and Distressor. Unbeatable chain for this sort of music.

The EP was mastered by Lasse Lammert from Lübeck (www.lasselammert.com) who has already worked on a few albums I've mixed in the past. 

You can check out a video of the song "Outcast" down below! Be sure to listen to the EP on Spotify or get a good old fashioned CD directly from the band.